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Beyond Text

Please note that this questionnaire has now closed.

Beyond Text is an Arts and Humanities Research Council programme which funds more than 40 projects which investigate how we communicate across time and place using performance, sounds, images and objects.

'Taking forward a participative 21st Century Inventory' is a project which builds on the research being undertaken by Beyond Text Collaborative Doctoral Award student Michela Clari. Entitled 'In the hands of the user’, Michela’s work looks at changing patterns of participation and learning through RCAHMS digital collections. Through the University of Edinburgh, Michela has been researching how new online media environments are changing the way users engage with, and learn from, the collections of cultural institutions.

The purposes of this project are to:

  • test three new social media developments of our existing services to improve how users can access, interact with and reuse our records
  • consult with the public, professionals and academics to actively develop and implement two of these proposals
  • enable testing and gain feedback on the beta developments to incorporate further improvements

The proposals are:

  1. Image tagging – to enable users to add their own keywords to Canmore images and to search for these tags, turning Canmore into a browsable image bank
  2. Thesaurus – to enable users to nominate Canmore images to represent each site type definition
  3. RCAHMS Data Service – to enable members of the public to search for data and export the results to develop new interactive resources, for example Apps

We’d like your feedback on these proposals, so tell us what you think and let us know how you would like our online resources to develop.

You can view mock-ups of each of the three proposals by downloading the Beyond Text proposals PDF.

Once you have seen the proposals, please complete the SurveyMonkey online questionnaire to give us your views.

The closing date for completing the questionnaire is Friday 16 December 2011.

If you require any further information about the Beyond Text project please contact