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Project Adair Enters Second Year

Project Adair was initiated in July 2011 as a partnership between RCAHMS and Historic Scotland to enhance and promote information on the marine historic environment. A new report on the progress of the first phase of the project has just been published online.

Named after John Adair, the author of the Description of the Coast and Seas of Scotland in 1703, the project seeks rapid improvements in the records of shipwrecks and maritime heritage. A key aim is to create a comprehensive database that underpins Scottish ministerial policy for encouraging sustainable economic growth in the nation’s coasts and seas. Better information on shipwrecks, aircraft and stray finds on the seabed will allow wind, tidal and wave projects to develop without damaging Scotland’s heritage assets.

As the project moves forward over the next year, the most recent seabed surveys and Hydrographic Office data will feed directly into the RCAHMS database Canmore. Pioneering partnership projects in Orkney with the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA), and in the Western Isles with Wessex Archaeology, have led to significant results in enhancing regional knowledge of the Scottish coast and seabed.

Large scale improvements and updates to the 23,000 maritime records held by RCAHMS will continue throughout the second year of the project.

For more information, contact project manager George Geddes,