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RCAHMS Store Re-opens

The first phase of major improvements to the storage facilities for the RCAHMS National Collection at John Sinclair House in Edinburgh are now complete.

The work has resulted in a substantial increase to the capacity and quality of the specialist archival storage that RCAHMS can provide, allowing for improved public access.

Collections Operational Manager Kirsty Lingstadt said, “We are delighted that the first phase of our archive store developments is now complete. The diverse collections of drawings and manuscripts held at John Sinclair House are now more efficiently stored and it is much easier for staff to access material. This in turn means we can provide an enhanced service to the public.”

The RCAHMS National Collection is made up of some 3 million drawings, prints, maps, manuscripts and photographs relating to Scotland, alongside one of the world’s largest and most important aerial photographic archives  made up of 1.5 million images of Scotland, and 10.5 million military reconnaissance images from across the globe. A large amount of this material is held on site at John Sinclair House, but the archives are also housed in external storage facilities.

The improvements to storage at John Sinclair House have included the creation of over 500 linear metres of extra shelving space, greatly increasing the on-site storage capacity.

For more information on the improvements to the store, or to inquire about access to archive material, contact