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Project Adair

This partnership between RCAHMS and Historic Scotland is enhancing and promoting information on the marine historic environment.

Scotland has a rich maritime history, and archaeologists have long argued that seaways brought communities together in the past, when overland transport was time consuming and difficult.

At the start of the sixteenth century, the Scottish-built ‘Great Michael’ was the largest warship in Europe, and some of our best known historic wrecks include the SS Politician in the Outer Hebrides – inspiration for the story of ‘Whisky Galore’ – the wreck of a Spanish Armada ship in Mull known as the ‘Tobermory Galleon’, and the scuttled German High Seas Fleet in Orkney. RCAHMS holds information on over 1,500 known wrecks, and nearly 18,000 losses that date from the seventeenth century to the present day, as well as an extensive collection of photographs, drawings and reports. Further information on RCAHMS maritime records can be found at

As our marine environment is undergoing its latest change, with an increasing focus on offshore renewable energy, RCAHMS aims to provide the best possible information to industry, government and the wider public. The project will collate a number of recent datasets in one place for the first time, develop links to amateur and professional enthusiasts with an interest in marine archaeology, and present marine heritage information in a more intuitive way.

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